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Dr. Ketan Shukla
Dr. Ketan Shukla
Dr. Ketan Shukla
Dr. Ketan Shukla
Dr. Ketan Shukla
Dr. Ketan Shukla
Dr. Ketan Shukla
Dr. Ketan Shukla

Gujarat Kidney & Stone Foundation

Camps , Awareness Program , charity work by GKSF

17 camps & 9 Awareness programs

    Over 1000 patients has been diagnosed& more than 500 been treated-operated by GKSF till date.


    Free diagnostic camp at

  • Aarogyam Speciality Hospital on 13th September 2006.

  •     42 patients are registered

  • ‘Manav Seva Trust’ (Sanand), on 28th july.2007

  •     155 patients are diagnosed

  • ‘Satyasai Seva Sansthan’, (Ahmedabad) On 13th sep.2007

  •     65 patients are registered & diagnosed

        Totally free of charge

  • ‘Radhaswami Surgical Hopspital’(Nadiad) On 18 & 19th march.2008

  • ‘Punitdham Jain Tirth (Mahudi) on 26th December .2007

  •     35 patients are diagnosed

        Free diagnostic camp at

  • ‘Aashirwad General Hospital’(Dehgam)

  •     Procedures done at consolation rate (50%)

        41 patients are diagnosed

  • ‘Samaj Seva Trust Hospital’(Bareja) on 22nd sep.2007

  •     Free diagnostic camp & Awareness program, educational program

        52 patients are diagnosed

  • ‘Shubham Hospital’ (Dehgam) On 1st dec.2007

  •     Free diagnostic camp & Awareness program for

        34 patients are diagnosed

  • ‘Relief Health Care Center’(Kesimpa) on 2nd dec.2007

  •     Free diagnostic camp & Awareness program

        Over 100 people are diagnosed by GKSF director

  • Seva Trust (14th aug.2007)

  •     Awareness program on stress incontinence, conducted by Dr. Ketan Shukla,

        more than 80 we men have participated in it.

  • Aarogyam Speciality Hospital ‘on 13th sep.2007,2008,2009

  •     Free diagnostic & Free operative camp at

        82 patients are registered & diagnosed by GKSF Directors

  • Lithotripsy camp in Sutrapada- march 2010

  •     We are providing our free services to Shirdi Sai Seva sansthan trust(Shirdi), for needy & poor patients since last 4     Year.

        Free operative camp in shridi

        More than 300 patients has been operated, and more than 200 treated by us…

        Absolutely free of charge…

        Free camps every year in September

        Educational programs, awareness programs, scientific programs frequently

        Charity work, whenever it needed

    Telemedicine (video conferencing)

    Mobile uro dynamics

    Ministry of Science & Technology (govt of India) invited GKSF to display a model of our Mobile Lithotripsy Unit in their well known Science express train Exhibition for both consecutive years( 2009-10-11)

  • Incontinence Update 2009

  •     A Public awareness program

        A scientific program & operative workshop.

  • PCNL Training Program-2011

  •     Design & executed by Dr.Ketan Shukla

        Jointly arranged by (DUA,GUA,AUA)