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1. Arogyam hospital is equipped with most powerful & useful 100 watt’s holmium YAG laser machine, more than 100 laser prostatectorry and more than 200 stone(Flexible URS) surgeries are done in last one surgeries are done in last one year by Dr. Ketan Shukla.

2. Dr. Ketan Shukla organizes PCNL training program on 26th & 27th march, 2011 at civil hospital. More than 125 doctors took training for PCNL(Endoscopic surgery for kideny stone).

3. Dr. Ketan shukla organized at free camp at shirdi in January 2011. 78 patients free of change in this camp.

4. GKSF celebrated its five years of completion in February 2011. Mr. Chandra Mohan from ministry of science & technology New Delhi to attend & bless the program.

5. GKSF mobile van model is displayed in science express train.

6. Flexible URS(RIRS) for kidney stones has been done in more than 180 patients at Aarogyam Hospital with very high success rate(greater than 90 percent).

7. HOLEP (Laser surgery for prostate) has been done routinely at Aarogyam Hospital.

8. Dr. Riddhi Shukla is a founder of forum called “Naari” with other two gynecologists. Forum works for women’s health & happiness. She is actively organizing various awareness programs on teenage health & education contraception awareness, pegnancy care, midage & menopausal health, cancer awareness in society as a social obligation. Recently organized cancer awareness program in association with FICCI flow on world health day at AMA.